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Since its inception, Tristate-Safety Corp. has provided Quality Site Safety Consulting with efficient and cost-effective services and solutions.  Our highly qualified Construction Safety Professionals have decades of experience arming them with a unique understanding of what it takes to create a safe workplace. Our team’s knowledge both from a safety point of view and a builders perspective ensures our ultimate goal; “A Safe, Accident Free, Violation Free and Timely Working Construction Environment”.

We provide an elevated level of Safety Consulting, Training and Loss control in addition to Licensed Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Coordinators, Concrete Managers, Qualified Persons for Site Safety, Construction Superintendents, Fire Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Plans, etc. In this competitive market and industry, Tristate-Safety is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service that they demand and expect from us.

Our clients are our number one priority


Through the years, construction prices have increased significantly. Due to high premiums, required safety regulations, and extreme competition, construction is now more expensive than ever.

Tristate-Safety keeps its rates very competitive and understands the importance of protecting the project site from delays and violations. We implement and abide by the OSHA and NYC DOB codes and regulations to ensure and avoid any accidents or injuries to workers and the general public. Given the opportunity, we will work with you from the inception, creating your Site Safety Plan to the Final Construction phase and thereby preventing any such incidents from happening.

safety meets efficiency 


Our mission is to improve Site Safety at the Job Site. By doing so, we eliminate Accidents and Fatalities, Violations, Fines and Stop Work Orders thus saving the client millions of dollars.

We strive to Build a Safer Tomorrow for all workers, staff, trades, clients and building owners.

Together, let’s build a safer tomorrow

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